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These classes are designed to help promote your recovery after giving birth and are suitable for mothers after their six week check. If there are any postnatal health issues, please consult your doctor before signing up to any classes.


Common complaints after having a baby can include tight shoulders and neck, from bending over and feeding; tight lower back as your spine adjusts to no longer having the baby weight to support; weak abdominal and pelvic floor muscles; tiredness, anxiety and self-doubt! Postnatl yoga classes are a great way of looking after yourself, and having some time for you without having to arrange childcare for your baby

Postnatal Yoga

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Who can take part?

You can join the class after your six week postnatal check-up, and until your baby turns one year old.


What should you bring?

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely

Play mat and toys for your baby

Yoga mat if you have one


What will happen in the class?

We will focus on postures, breathing and relaxation to help you with your postnatal recovery, and adjust to the fact that you are responsible for a little being who considers you to be the centre of their world.

Your baby may take a while to adjust to being in a new environment, and it's fine if they choose to scream the place down or if they need to have their nappy changed midway through.


You should feel like you’re breathing more freely, you’re moving more easily, and maybe you’ve got that bit more energy.

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