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A four-week course for women at any stage of menopause, from perimenopause onwards. Connect with other women, learn techniques to relieve symptoms and be part of a supportive group.


Mondays 9.30-11am at Yotism yoga studio, Cowper Road, HP1, from 24th June to 15 July inclusive.


Themes include hot flushes, rage, anxiety, overwhelm and building strength.


Tea, chat + yoga = bliss.


Introductory price of £40 for the four week block. Places limited!


Why is Menopause Yoga awesome?

Growing older is seen as a negative for women - losing fertility, skin elasticity, gaining weight and ageing makes us feel as if we have lost our value in this society. Added to temporary cognitive impairment, sleeplessness, lack of energy, lack of collagen and bone density, it can be a gloomy time. However the menopause can also bring lots of positives such as casting off what doesn't serve us and finding a new purpose in life. Being part of a supportive group of women can help us as we go through this life-changing transition - I've seen it happen with my pregnancy and postnatal yoga groups.


Menopause Yoga

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