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Where do you want to fly next? The Golden Eagle, Flying Foal and Dragon need your help again!
Another adventure where you use yoga poses and choose what happens!
The enchanting sequel to Once Upon a Time, You…
“A lovely book for engaging children with yoga… Ideal for children’s yoga classes or for parents to practise with their children at home.” Christiane Kerr, Course Director, Calm for Kids.
“Beautiful, engaging and interactive. My daughter (6) was obsessed with the first book and is going to love this one!” Rosie Andrews, Sunday Times Bestselling Author of The Leviathan
“I would bring this book into therapeutic yoga sessions time and time again. Thank you, Maria, for your storytelling innovation and sensitivity in bringing well-being stories and practices to all children.” Nicole Zimbler, Founder, Yotism.
“The most exciting book yet” Zac, Year 3.


Digital download/print replica

Not so long ago, you... a yoga adventure where you choose what happens!

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