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Yoga for you, and baby comes too!


Ease aches and pains, meet other new mums, and learn techniques to help you feel calm and empowered. Bring your baby - we can work around your baby's needs.


Tuesdays 10-11am at Warner's End Community Centre, followed by a cup of tea.

Six week course from Tuesday 16 April to Tuesday 21 May 2024.

£5 trial class

£54 for the six week course

£11 drop in (spaces permitting)


What to expect:

This is a relaxed class, designed to help you build strength while also reducing tension in your body. Women commonly feel that they have tight shoulders, lower back pain, and want to build strength in their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. On top of that, it's common to feel anxious, exhausted and isolated. Yoga classes with other women and babies can help with all of that!

Your baby is NOT expected to lie peacefully while you join in - you can stop to attend to their needs, adapt poses so that you can hold them, and I will offer to hold them if they're bored or fed up.

Postnatal Yoga

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