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First blog post on new website!

My website had to be moved over to a new provider, which has forced me to tidy things up and give them a refresh. I've had the same website for 7 years which is a shock to realise.

When I first started teaching yoga, I had no idea where it would take me. It's led from teaching general yoga classes to adults, to supporting pregnant women and new mums, and allowing them to forge friendship groups which last. Some of the babies whose mums I start are now at school.

Teaching yoga has led to me teaching children, going into schools to spread the word about mental health and what we can do to help ourselves find our own calm.

Children's yoga has led to a different way to connect with my own children, and finding new ways to help us to manage big emotions (me as well as my kids!)

Teaching children's yoga has led to me writing and publishing four books which literally do change people's lives. Teaching yoga through a pandemic has led to me becoming a YouTuber, and forced me to become comfortable with being videoed.

But there's nothing like coming back to my roots: my general Hatha yoga classes with my reliable class members. Wherever yoga leads me, it's my own practice and teaching that keeps me grounded. #bwyteacher #britishwheelofyogateacher #kidsyoga #childrensyoga #pregnancyyoga #postnatalyoga #mentalhealth #hathayoga

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